Emergency Dentist in South Plainfield, New Jersey

Park Avenue Dental offers 24/7 emergency care to get your smile back on track. If you have a dental emergency in South Plainfield, New Jersey, contact us at 908-757-3200 as soon as possible. Our team will make arrangements for you to meet with Dr. Minni Sharma, Dr. Robert Conti and Dr. Hajera Ali and provide you with instructions on how to care for your injury until you can receive treatment from our dentists.

Dental emergencies are anything that requires immediate dental care to prevent additional damage or relieve pain and discomfort. Emergencies happen unexpectedly and often when we feel we are the least prepared to deal with them, but you can rest assured that our dentists and team are always here for you. If you have an emergency, including any of the following, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  • Toothache or other kind of tooth pain that does not go away
  • Lost dental restoration, such as a broken crown or filling
  • Soft tissue damage, including to the cheeks, tongue, lips and gums
  • Cracked, fractured, chipped or broken teeth
  • Knocked-out or loose teeth

When you contact our office, our team will ask you some questions to better understand your situation and then set up an appointment with our dentists as soon as possible, as well as giving you instructions on what to do until you can come into our office. If you have experienced trauma to the head or neck, please go to the emergency room or your general physician to address that first.

If you have any questions, please always feel free to reach out to us!

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